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High Street Retail and Malls (Underway Project)

It’s not by accident that malls and retail spaces designed by VN Buildtech become the most distinctive buildings in the area. Currently under development, our gift to high street retail would provide world class services to some of the most iconic brands from across the world. Built in the most prime locations of rajasthan, delhi/NCR and punjab these commercial places would complement the refined tastes of our high profile tenants and their patrons.

Luxury Townships (Underway Project)

The township which is already a popular and well adopted form of housing in western countries is now becoming the new look of residential real estate in most of metropolitan cities of India. The self-contained residential units developed by VN Buildtech will be facilitated by all the amenities that our luxury loving residents can desire. From community centers, health clubs, shopping center, recreational areas to essentials like schools, designated commercial/office areas, schools and banking facilities all surrounded by acres of landscaped greenery - the township is being designed for a rich sophisticated lifestyle that would become the most definitive landmark in the region.

IT Parks (Underway Project)

Awe-inspiring edifice dedicated to commerce and industry, our IT Parks would become one of principle landmarks of the rich, the powerful and the influential in rajasthan, delhi/NCR and punjab. The regional base of world renowned IT Giants, the IT Park by VN Buildtech in addition to giving you the supreme locational advantage, would earn you the rare recall power and goodwill of your customers.

High Rise Residential Projects (Underway Project)

Surrounded by the elite commercial and industrial belt of rajasthan, delhi/NCR and punjab yet cocooned with greenery, our high rise residential projects will prove to be a perfect solution rapid urbanization and congestion in rajasthan, delhi/NCR and punjab . With an architectural decades ahead of its times, our high rises would boast of resplendent aesthetics, a visible commitment to quality and a luxury hallmark that would play host to your dream of a perfect home.

Tallest Residential cum Commercial Building in Rajasthan (Underway Project)

So majestic and awe inspiring, that you would scarcely think of it as a place for living. Instead the residential cum commercial building we are planning to develop in Rajasthan would be counted among one of the tallest buildings in the country.

You’d feel inspired, joyous and alive with the beauty you’d see all around and so would the thousands of tourists who would visit it from all corners of the world just to see this wondrous space of urban habitat, and the symbol luxury living in India.

    Our future projects for 2013-2014 are:

  • World class mall With multiplex in Jaipur (The Emerald)
  • World class Villas with 100 Different Gardens ( The Gems) Jaipur
  • World class JDA approved fully furnished farm houses.(Near Jaipur City)