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Disaster Management

All arrangements as per regulations of CEO will be made. Necessary permission from competent authority will be obtained.

Rain water will be charged to ground. Excess storm water will be routed to natural drainage system.

The structural design is as per BIS codes for Seismic Zone II

Energy Conservation

Calculation of energy conservation achieved methods used to conserve energy:

Use of CFL Lamps in Lighting

Use of Solar Powered Lights In Landscape & Street Lighting

Use of Solar Hot Water Generators for Water Heating

Water Harvesting

It is the activity of direct collection of rain water.
Rain water can be stored for direct use or can be recharged into the ground water aquifer.

    Why Rain water be harvested ?

  • To conserve & augment the storage of ground water
  • To reduce water table depletion
  • To improve the quality of ground water
  • To arrest sea water intrusion in coastal areas
  • To avoid flood & water stagnation in urban areas

1 hectare of forest-6-7 Lac ton of water (after filtering) top layer can hold 1.2 Lac tons of water

Fluoride Water

Quality construction is a challenge in Jaipur due to excess content of fluoride in groundwater. High fluoride content damage the walls of any architecture very rapidly in this region.

To overcome this challenge, we have installed RO plant in every society of ours. Hence, every tap of our society contains filtered water only. We use only RO filtered water for any construction purpose. This helps in preventing any further damage of the walls.

Other Amenities

Every corner of our society is instilled with these features :