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VN Buildtech Pvt. Ltd. gives you a chance to choose from a privileged range of properties to get maximum returns.

We make sure that our NRI clients get the maximum benefit in their investments and purchase.

We capture buy back offers, latest resale, buy and lease guarantee, prime locations, financial assistance, etc. available at our major commercial and residential undertakings.

We also provide services in developing / furnishing, renting / leasing and selling properties.

We take care of all the collaterals like identifying properties, acquisition of properties to buying properties.

    Why do NRI Invest in India?

  • High returns than international markets generally.
  • Strong rupee versus their current country’s currency.
  • Emotional belonging – the need to keep the links alive.
  • Business interest in India which generate regular surpluses.
  • Temporary / Limited NRI status – the intent to return after a point in time.
  • Local relatives to whom they wish to provide income flow.


  • Q. Do non-resident Indian nationals require permission of the Reserve Bank of India to acquire residential/commercial property in India?
  • A. No permission is required by non-resident Indian nationals to acquire immovable property in India.
  • Q. Are foreign nationals of Indian origin allowed to purchase immovable property in India?
  • A. Yes, foreign nationals of Indian origin, whether resident in India or abroad, have been granted general permission to purchase immovable property in India.
  • Q. What should be the method of payment for purchasing residential immovable property in India by foreign nationals of Indian origin under the general permission?
  • A. The purchase consideration should be met either out of inward remittances in foreign exchange through normal banking channels or out of funds from NRE/FCNR accounts maintained with banks in India.
  • Q. Can the properties (residential/commercial) be given on rent if not required for immediate use?
  • A. Yes. The Reserve Bank of India has granted general permission for letting out any immovable property in India. The rental income or proceeds of any investment of such income has to be credited to NRO account.
  • Q. Can NRIs obtain loans for acquisition of a house/flat for residential purpose from financial institutions providing housing finance?
  • A. The Reserve Bank of India has granted general permission to certain financial institutions providing housing finance. HDFC, LIC Housing Finance Ltd., etc., to grant housing loans to non-resident Indian nationals for acquisition of a house/flat for self-occupation subject to certain conditions.

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