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Group Overview

VN Buildtech is a highly diversified, dynamic and multifaceted company. We owe our meteoric rise to the upper echelons of the real estate/construction industry to our ceaseless efforts to understand the core needs of our customers, go above and beyond their expectations and deliver superior products at some of the most competitive prices in the industry. This has enabled us to build a lasting relationship with our customers and stakeholders. Unlike global conglomerates venturing into real estate/construction as an extension to their core business, we were born and brought up in this field. We began our journey with South Delhi, literally the epicenter of high street commerce, governance and residential behemoths in the capital. Offering unparalleled connectivity and infrastructure, South Delhi is where the world wants to be, and we are proud to have played in its rapid development.

We then took our expertise to Palampur in Himachal Pradesh, when construction as an organized industry was just starting to make its presence felt in the hinterlands of the country. Introducing architectural and engineering technologies decades ahead of their time, we infused traditional construction techniques with futuristic real estate practices and developed some of most iconic properties that are still hailed as landmark architectural achievements in that region. The mantra of giving our clients a ‘bang for their buck’ has been drilled deep into every member of VN Buildtech.

Our work has time and again impressed both design critics and architecture academicians and the quality of our construction has enabled us to win the hearts of our clients.

As we expand further, we would keep you posted on the numerous luxury residential projects we have undertaken in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Known as the Pink City, Jaipur is cornucopia of architectural wonders. From massive forts to elegantly crafted palaces, the city is testament to the artistic and scientific spirit of the city. Case in point is the famous ‘HavaMahal’ – palace of the thousand and one windows!

Brilliance is what the denizens of this historical city, expect from their builders – and we plan on meeting at exceeding their expectations at every point. Working on our projects is a team of award winning architects and engineers, experienced interior decorators and landscape artists and things are progressing well ahead of schedule. Keep a close watch on Projects Overview Page to know more.

Director's Message

Determined to become India’s biggest luxury real estate super brand and have the VN Buildtech brand etched on some of the most ambitious residential and commercial construction across the country, we currently stand at the cross roads of rapid growth, innovation and creative energy.
Considered by industry pundits as one of the fast growing real estate companies in India, we believe that our hard work, foresight, technological edge and the determination to deliver the absolute best to our clients would enable us to usher in a whole new era in real estate construction in the country.

Superior Quality, Detail and Perfection are the standards that we demand throughout our projects – from residential to resort, from commercial to retail. Without a shadow of a doubt, the experience of living and working in a VN Buildtech property and living the VN Buildtech lifestyle is truly unparalleled.

You would see the magical touch of our brand in all properties that bear its name – from cutting edge, design driven facades created in close collaboration with award winning architects, to plush, ultra-luxurious interiors designed keeping in minds the specific needs of the markets we serve. With each of our properties we continue to consistently raise the bar of luxury living in India.

VN has been has at the forefront of ushering in the use futuristic technologies in the real estate sector for over a decade. However, our age belies our experience. We have been central to the changing landscape of Delhi, (and now Jaipur) and intend to make our presence felt across the length and breadth of the nation in the coming years.

Even though as a company we are still young, we possess a rich and diversified presence across several core sectors in the real estate arena. As new windows of opportunities open up, we find ourselves well equipped to make a mark in the annals of Indian Real Estate in the coming years.

Quality Policy

VN BUILDTECH was one of the two companies in entire India, who were honored with the 14th International Star for Quality 2013 in Switzerland. This award is designed to recognize the prestige of the outstanding companies, organizations, and businessmen who contribute in providing quality and excellence to the development of the entire world.

    International Awards
  • International Platinum Star Award for Quality Construction 2014 in 2014 in New Your (USA)
    By Jose E.Prieto (President & CEO of Business Initiative Directions)
  • International award in Quality and management spheres - Best Enterprise and Innovation 2014 in Oxford (United Kingdom)
    By Anna Jones ( Eupore Business Assembly, Oxford United Kingdom)
  • The Diamond Eye Award for Quality Commitment & Excellence 2014 in Berlin (Europe)
    By Charbel S.Fabet (President - CEO of otherways Management Association Club - Paris)
  • QC 100 Commitment of "VN Buildtech (P) Ltd." to Quality BID 2013 in Geneva (Switzerland)
    By Jose E.Prieto (President & CEO of Business Initiative Directions)
  • Awarded European Award for Best Practices 2014 in Business (Belgium)
    By Dr. A Arista (Executive Director of European Society for Qulity Research)
  • International Gold Star for Quality Award BID 2013 in Geneva (Switzerland)
    By Jose E.Prieto (President & CEO of Business Initiative Directions)
  • The Bizz 2014 for Business Excellence
    By WordCob
    National Awards
  • Best Luxury Project of Rajasthan “ EXCLUCIVE 444 ‘’ 2013 from Zee Business property Observer and Worldwide Achievers
    By : Shri Harish Rawat Ji ( Chief Minister Uttarakhand), Shri Oscar Fernandes Ji (Hon’bl Cabinet Minister of Road Transport & Highway), Shri Amar Singh Ji (Hon’bl Member of Parliament – Rajya Sabha)
  • Outstanding Contribution for Luxery Segment Residential property in Delhi 2013 – By Zee Business, Property Observer and Worldwide Achievers
    By : Shri Harish Rawat Ji ( Chief Minister Uttarakhand), Shri Oscar Fernandes Ji (Hon’bl Cabinet Minister of Road Transport & Highway), Shri Amar Singh Ji (Hon’bl Member of Parliament – Rajya Sabha)
  • Certificate of Appreciation for International award for Quality from BID
    By : Sandeep Sharma (Chief Operatorting Officer (India), Dainik Bhaskar)
  • India’s 100 Most Promissing Brand – 2014
    By WCRC (in Collaboration With URS)
  • Achieved ISO 9001: 2008 certification.
  • Ensure all construction activities are in accordance with the Specification, codes and standards.
  • Achieved more than planned sales, increase revenue and market share.
  • Continuous improvement through client feedback.
  • Delivery of possession on time and within the established budget.
    Team Works
  • Team spirit that believes in the power of "we" entrepreneurial approach with team
  • Highly-motivated, industry and domain experts
  • Ensures high-integrity and continued credence in all we do and deliver
  • Have made it a trusted premium brand
  • Over 25 years experience in the Indian real estate marketing
  • Experience in executing large projects.
  • Superior design, construction and innovation.
  • Strong ties with financial institutions.
  • Efficient liasoning with government agencies to ensure timely completion of projects.
  • Unique relationship with the state government, India & Multinational corporate, Suppliers and contactors.

Our Vision

To change the industry of conventional real estate development, championing excellence—in craftsmanship, planning and service. The greatest residential architectural marvels of the world shall rise here, defining luxury as a lifestyle lived every day.


To become one of India’s leading Real Estate company with a presence across every state city and township in the country, VN Buildtech continuously focuses on the following core efforts:

Human Resources

Without a shadow of a doubt, our human resource is our greatest asset. That’s why one of our biggest priorities is to make all possible efforts to ensure the wellbeing, retention and growth of our huge pool of immensely talented individuals.

Customer Centric Approach

We are on a mission to redefine the markets in which we operate. In order to do this successfully, we are forever thinking of ways to offer our clients a ‘bang for their buck’. By meeting and exceeding their expectations at every touch point we earn their trust, which means more to us than any formal recognition awarded to us by the industry.

Excellence in Execution

We are passionate believers in the credo of ‘if something is worth doing, we must do better than anyone else’. As a young, dynamic company – our passion to succeed and take the company to new heights stems from our determination to deliver the best possible products to our clients. Irrespective of the size of the project, our dedication and enthusiasm remains the same.

Team Work

In an ever-changing economy, in which innovation has become the mantra for survival and growth, only those companies that are able to efficiently mobilize varied expertise and skill sets, diverse competencies by fostering the ‘think together to grow together’ spirit, can prosper. At VN Buildtech, we driven to continuously improve our integration capabilities and ensure that all our stake-holders stay on same page.

Spirit of Innovation

Nurturing the spirit of innovation and encouraging lateral thinking to make the best possible use of available resources can only be possible though a cross-fertilization of ideas and the flexibility of roles. By creating accountability, ownership and problem solving, we push our team to have a vision greater than mere physical grandeur.